Real Estate Media

We market ourselves as 'Aerial Specialists' however we also provide Real Estate Media photo and video services.

Photo Services:

We shoot full interior and exterior. 

At this time we are only offering HDR photos.

Video Services:

When it comes to video we like to use our drones as much as we can. (Interior/Exterior) When we cannot use the drone, we use gimbals to take care of the rest!

Aerial photo and video shows a wide variety of angles, views, surrounding area of the property, and can include nearby attractions.     

Unlimited HDR Photos!

All properties are different, therefore we take as many photos as needed to truly capture the interior and exterior of the property.

We keep our pricing as simple and straightforward as possible! 

Let us help elevate how you market your property.

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Luxury

  • Rentals

  • Vacation Rentals

  • Resorts

  • R.V. Parks

  • Ranches

  • Property Management

  • Property Developers 



Our current rate is .07 per SQFT and includes 'Unlimited Photo Count'.

We offer simple add ons: 

Aerial Photos $100 (15-20 HDR)

Video Basic   $250 (Includes Drone)

Video Deluxe $375 (Full Cinematic W/Drone)