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Real Estate Pricing


Up To 2000 SQFT: $99

Approx. 20 Photos

2001-3000 SQFT: $149

Approx. 30 Photos

3001-4000 SQFT: $199

Approx. 40 Photos

Above 4000 SQFT:

Please Call For Quote

We cover the Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey, Mayer and surrounding areas. 

We charge a travel fee for Cottonwood, Verde Valley, Sedona, Black Canyon City and surrounding areas.


Basic Video Up To 4000 SQFT: $250

Approx. 2 Minutes In Length

Deluxe Videos And Custom Video Packages: Please Call For Quote

Drone Add On:

Photos Only: $100

Approx. 10 Photos

Video Only: Basic: $200

Deluxe: Please Call For Quote

Photos And Video Package: $250

Cancellations of less then 24 hours are subject to a $60 fee.

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